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Port Moody Acupuncturist

Port Moody's  Acpuncturist for 
Women's Health 

Start your healing journey today.

Robin King, Fertility Acupuncturist
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Meet Robin 

The pathway to parenthood can be challenging.

Whether you are up against age, 

Low egg reserve,

PCOS, endometriosis,

or unexplained infertility,

I am here to help.

I have helped many couples fulfill their goal to become pregnant.

Looking for support with your fertility journey?

Let's do this together.

Treatment Areas

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Women’s Health

IVF / IUI Support

Anxiety / Depression

Pregnancy Support

Stress Management

"I couldn't be more happy with the care I have received from Robin.
She is extremely thorough and detail oriented and has provided so much education in each of my visits.
Her conception protocol is absolutely worth your time. For all of you afraid of needles, she was so so great in helping me get over my fear. Highly recommend!”

Patient K

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